People + Process + Technology.

A smarter approach to your investment fund regulatory reporting.

Since 1988, we’ve watched businesses like yours respond to changes in investor needs, accounting practices and regulatory compliance. We’ve responded to these challenges by adapting our processes to provide flexibility and efficiency in everything we do.

We adapt to you, not the other way around.

At Finiti, we pride ourselves on delivering services that simplify your investment fund regulatory reporting. No matter what your fund data sources or current workflow look like, we can seamlessly integrate and get straight to work for you.


Finiti’s secret weapon is our people. Our abilities to manage and respond to changes, solve new problems and continually improve your reporting experience are driven by the proficiency and knowledge of a passionate team. Working with us means working with a group of dedicated regulatory reporting experts—from project managers and technologists, to proofreaders and designers. Yes, we’re backed by powerful technology, but there’s just no replacement for the value of our human touch.


1. Prepare

  • We onboard your funds, reports and brand standards
  • At your discretion, we design and optimize your report layout templates

2. Create

  • Our software automates the flow of data into your custom templates
  • We can manage as many stakeholder inputs, changes, approvals, translations and distributions as you need
  • You retain full control of your reporting through our transparent change management and audit trails
  • We proofread your materials for comprehension and consistency

3. Deliver

  • You get beautiful reports that meet the highest regulatory specifications and exceed your stakeholders’ expectations
  • Following each cycle, we lead a review to identify opportunities for improvements and efficiencies
  • Based on your priorities, we begin preparations for your next reporting cycle


Perhaps, like many investment fund providers, you want to automate your regulatory reporting but you know that adopting new technology is costly and fraught with challenges. Finiti offers the perfect solution. Our proprietary automation software, is 100% flexible, scalable, and configurable and it doesn’t come with an instruction manual… because we manage it for you.

You get the benefits of software automation for regulatory reporting without the hassle and hidden costs. No training, no re-tooling of your team’s output, no software licensing fees, and no costly software adoption required.

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made simple.

You need solutions, not disruptions. That’s why we take care of onboarding your fund reports, configuring your data and content pipeline automations, and connecting the dots between stakeholders in your reporting process.