finiti trio v2

Yes, we use
investment fund
regulatory report
automation technology.
No, you don’t have
to fuss with it.

no manual v2


No training, business interruption or fighting with expensive, complex automation software. We built a proprietary, customized automation system that we manage for you.

You can think of it as a flexible engine that combines data management, content management and publishing software to dynamically create reporting. Backed by this technology, our team brings unparalleled responsiveness and accuracy to your regulatory reporting process.

Hands off.

We handle all the automation on our end for you. You just send us your report data/content and we get straight to work making your reports. It’s that simple.

Say "goodbye" to
software & SaaS hassles...

  • Licensing fees
  • Upgrade liabilities
  • Installation delays
  • Adoption hassles

Say "hello" to
managed service benefits...

  • Automation efficiencies
  • Speedy and accurate response to changes
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Technological advancement without incremental cost

As flexible as it is powerful.

When you’ve been creating investment fund regulatory reports for as long as we have, you learn to be prepared to manage change. We’ve built the most flexible reporting system possible. It intelligently routes your incoming data and content (from any and all of your sources) and easily accommodates changes from anyone—regulators, stakeholders, auditors or translators.

Scalable and configurable.

From 20 funds to 200 and beyond, our system is 100% scalable to any size portfolio and can accommodate unlimited growth quickly and efficiently. Finiti reports are also completely configurable to your brand and design standards. From start to finish, we streamline the entire process and delivers beautiful, accurate, compliant and accessible reporting.

whole team 1

But our real secret weapon is our people.

Given the ongoing changes and number of stakeholders involved in creating reporting documents, the reality is software can’t do it all. It requires a dedicated team of experts to champion the process. That’s what really sets us apart. Technological power + people power. We’re here for you.

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