Mutual fund & ETFregulatory reporting servicesbuilt just for you.

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Reduce the

stress & strain

of your regulatory reporting.

Imagine no more over-burdened reporting teams scrambling to meet deadlines. No more quintuple-checking to make sure that the latest regulatory requirement change
was integrated into every last section of every last report.

Whether you work for a Schedule 1 bank with hundreds of funds, a mutual fund company with a handful of specialized funds, or an insurance provider with segregated funds in your offering,
Finiti is here to help you simplify your regulatory reporting. 

Bolster your

people + process + technology

just as much as you need.

Imagine your team backed by our dedicated professionals with over 30 years of regulatory reporting experience. Streamline your reporting processes with help from Finiti’s industry veterans to run reporting projects efficiently and ensure your report quality.

Our industry-leading experience is backed by our proprietary automation software, designed specifically to create and manage investment fund regulatory reporting. And because we handle the software at our end, working with Finiti means you get all the benefits of automation without any of the costs or hassles of software adoption, training or licensing.

We adapt to you,

not the other way around.

Change can be disruptive. We get it. That’s why we’ve built our service to integrate seamlessly with your existing business lines, fund data sources and workflows. No speedbumps or learning curves. We get straight to work for you.

Ready to

what’s possible with your regulatory reporting?

Reduce your reporting burden, elevate your investor experience, protect your team from burnout and enhance your firm’s brand reputation. Partnering with Finiti may just be
one of your best investments.

Directors & Executives ♥ Finiti.

  • Predictable reporting costs
  • Scale your fund count
    reporting with ease
  • Gain the benefits of software automation and AI without the expense or the learning curve
  • Unlock opportunities
    for print cost savings
  • Build trust in your brand

Managers ♥ Finiti.

  • Rest easy knowing your deadlines will always be met
  • Maintain control of your reporting without all the work
  • Reduce your team's workload
  • Streamline stakeholder collaboration
  • Increase your resourcing flexibility

Fund Accountants ♥ Finiti.

  • Get early line-of-sight on missing and anomalous data
  • Free up your key talent
    to focus on core tasks
  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy
    of your change management

Auditors, Lawyers and Translators ♥ Finiti.

  • Manage documents more easily
  • Control document versioning and track changes
    for easy review
  • Improve consistency of report language
    and content

Printers ♥ Finiti.

  • Get print-ready files
    that meet all your specifications
  • Leverage Finiti’s flexible report structures to customize final delivery

Your Investors ♥ Finiti.

  • Get easy-to-read,
    industry-leading reports
  • Trust that their investment provider cares about their investor experience
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